Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Short Tour from Bloomsbury to Nonsuch Palace for a choral work

Thomas Tallis composed his 40-part motet most likely to be performed in an Octagonal Room in Nonsuch Palace with 5 groups at each of the 8 corners. This tour takes you from the Anglo offices at 22 Bloomsbury Square to Nonsuch Palace which is several miles Southwest of London. Near the end of the tour a placemark is shown with a link to the You Tube performance of this piece. The tour can be paused at any point. During a pause, territory may be explored, or the link clicked on to take you to the performance. In fact, the tour may be stopped at any point where you can explore. In the plug-in, the exploration is limited to placemarks, though you can use the "hand" to move the map in any direction.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rotation of Palace Area of the Southern Song

I will be collecting Phoenix Hill resources over the next weeks. One set of materials are the rotations I have done Moule map together with GPS tracks. Here is one such rotation.